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See Faster, Decide Smarter

EyeGym is online Visual Intelligence Training that unlocks your potential to make faster, smarter decisions. Sign up to compare your skills and performance.

How EyeGym will work for you

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Improve your concentration, attention to detail, comprehension and memory

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Improve your response times, coordination, peripheral and spatial awareness

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Improve the speed at which you see, interpret, decide and act

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proven in field

Developed by leading sport scientist and performance coach, Dr Sherylle Calder.

Who is EyeGym for?

It’s for anyone who wants to enhance their performance by making faster and better decisions.

Also highly effective for teams and schools; contact us to find out more.

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    EyeGym helped me take my game to the next level!
    Kenny StillsMiami Dolphins Pro Football Player
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    EyeGym has significant potential to contribute to the academic success of students. It builds concentration skills, and has also been proven to influence quantitative, verbal and spatial learning ability.
    Johan VolsteedtHeadmaster, Grey College ('93 - ’13)
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    EyeGym made me aware of the role that Visual Skills Training makes in the corporate world. I visually observe and make effective decisions based on this. The ability to concentrate is also a vital skill neglected by businesses, and can be trained on EyeGym. And it also helps my cycling!
    Greg JamesOwner, Sagitta Group
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    It's been scientifically proven that EyeGym has a very positive effect on sporting performance. Dr Calder has a remarkable ability in this area, unmatched by anyone else I know.
    Professor TD NoakesDivision of Exercise Science & Sports Medicine, University of Cape Town

Train for just 5-10 minutes a day

Interactive daily training heightens memory, concentration and coordination.
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