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Scientifically developed for optimum results

EyeGym offers over 25 years’ expertise in the field of Visual Intelligence Performance.

Our ongoing research with top sportspeople, industry leaders and academic achievers means we have unique insights into the skills required to become a top performer.

These findings have been used to develop accessible and effective online training programmes for anyone who wants to unlock their potential.

Develop 7 Key Skills

Judgement is your skill in making decisions based on depth. By training your judgement skills, you'll refine your ability to estimate the distance to a target or object.
  • Sportsperson timing passes, interceptions, jumps and catches
  • Driver safely judging distance and oncoming speed
  • Golfer accurately assessing putting distance
Tracking is your skill in maintaining visual attention on an object in motion. By refining your tracking skills, you’ll be able to gather information and control your responses to a moving target more effectively.
  • Sportsperson following movement of any object
  • Professional, child or scholar reading and comprehending text
  • Driver responding to oncoming cars
Eye Jumps
Eye Jumps are needed for rapid scanning and split-second eye movements. By developing your Eye Jump skills, you’ll be able to respond more effectively to a very high-speed situation.
  • Sportsperson following any extreme object speed
  • Child or scholar not losing their place whilst reading
  • Driver shifting gaze quickly from sign to road
Scanning is your skill in rapidly responding to multiple objects or information in your field of vision. By enhancing your scanning skills, you’ll get better at locating a specific target amongst many distractions.
  • Professional locating key data amidst information overload
  • Sportsperson identifying the best decision amidst distractions
  • Driver assessing safest route through traffic
Peripheral Awareness
Peripheral Awareness is your skill in maintaining focus, while simultaneously responding to information outside of your direct vision. By developing this skill, you’ll respond to what is happening around you more effectively, without moving your head.
  • Footballer seeing opponent in corner of eye
  • Driver seeing a car at side skipping stop street
  • Rugby player aware of teammate approaching from the side
Visual Recognition
Visual Recognition is your skill in seeing information early, then recalling it quickly and accurately. By training your visual recognition skills, you’ll be able to see and process information more rapidly.
  • Professional or scholar quickly recalling numbers
  • Sportsperson's early identification of an opponent’s movement
  • Driver quickly assessing direction and speed of oncoming car
Response-Reaction is your skill in quickly responding to a visual cue. By refining your response-reaction skills, you’ll improve your ability to see something and then react quickly.
  • Sportsperson responding in time to opponent
  • Driver reacting in time to swerving car
  • Goalkeeper reflexing in time to unexpected shot

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Dr Sherylle Calder

The pioneer behind Visual Intelligence Training

Dr Sherylle Calder is the world’s leading sports scientist and performance coach. As the first sports practitioner to be awarded a Doctorate in Visual Performance, Dr Calder has set the standard with the most pioneering, well‐researched and effective training techniques in the world.

Her extensive experience with top sportspeople, business leaders and academic achievers combine to create holistic training that is accessible and highly effective for people across every occupation and interest.