To date, hundreds of elite sportspeople, industry leaders and top
performers have trusted EyeGym to improve their performance,
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Ernie Els – British Open Champion Golfer


“Dr Calder and I  were right on track from the first time we actually spent time together. I felt if I stuck with her golf-specific training, things would only get better, and that’s the way it turned out. EyeGym locks me in, helps me block things out. It’s improved my distance control, and I read the greens better.”

Danijel Subasic

Danijel Subašić – AS Monaco FC Goalkeeper


“Being consistent with Eyegym improves the speed at which I see and then react. It helps me to switch on quicker, keeping my mind sharp and focused.”

Stedman Gans – Rugby


“EyeGym helps me to make the right decisions quickly. As a rugby player, I need to have good hands, scan and make decisions in split seconds. I train with EyeGym to do that better and faster.”

Uthmaan Sulaiman – Pistol Shooter


“Ever since training with EyeGym my reaction time is much faster, my target acquisition is much faster, my sight picture is much more clearer, and my match concentration is much better.”

Rebecca Peterson – WTA Tennis Player


“EyeGym is an amazing way of practicing your focus, reactions and being able to pick up on court information quickly. I have definitely improved a lot and I feel a huge difference in my performance since starting EyeGyn Training. .Training in EyeGym tests my patience and consequently builds resilience. To continue getting better at something you’re not great at is a great asset. I also feel a huge difference is my co-ordination, timing things with my hands and eyes at the same time. Because of training in the EyeGym online program, I am more ready whenever I step on the court – so I like that about EyeGym! It prepares me for competition!”

Stuart White – Motorcar Racer


“I feel that EyeGym definitely helped me take my reaction times to the next level that helped me perform better in the race car and helped me push myself to the next level.”

Simon Taufel – International Cricket Umpire


“As a professional cricket umpire officiating at the highest level, I am always looking for ways to improve my skills and performance. Over a 5 day Test match, I need to watch balls delivered & played over 2,700 times. I have been using the EyeGym technology and I believe it has improved my decision-making and self-confidence in a very demanding environment.”

Mel Reid – Professional Golfer


“I feel my distance control is much better not just in putting but in my chipping also due to the work I’ve done on depth perception within the drills at EyeGym also feel that my pre-shot routine is a lot more precise and focused due to the visual cues I am now so much more aware of.”

Chemmy Alcott – British Women’s Ski Racer


“Since I started training with EyeGym I have noticed dramatic improvements in my skiing. For years I struggled with starting the turn too early… this isn’t even a consideration for me now thanks to the visual drills and challenges I have been set by EyeGym.”

Prof. Tim Noakes


“It’s been scientifically proven that EyeGym has a very positive effect on sporting performance. Dr Calder has a remarkable ability in this area, unmatched by anyone else I know.”

Anthony Ogogo – Boxer


“As a boxer, I trained every part of my body, but I never trained my eyes and it’s the eyes that see the punches coming towards you. You can see punches coming quicker, react faster. EyeGym only takes 10 minutes a day, on a laptop, iPad – extremely accessible for the busiest of people. EyeGym is used as a warm-up prior to training/competition. EyeGym should be an integral part of any boxers training and preparation. It has given me the edge!”

Sarah Pang – WTA Tennis Player


“I felt the difference in my visual perception in my game just two days into Dr Calder’s programme.  Her programme played a significant part in helping me break onto the WTA rankings.  Thank you Dr Calder–EyeGym rocks!”

Steve Borthwick – International Rugby Coach


“I have worked with Dr Calder as a player and as a coach, and I have seen the positive effects of their work. Whether it is handling, high ball catching, or hookers throwing, the improvements in the players are evident.”

Glenn Stewart – AFL West Coast Eagles 2010


“We have been using Visual Performance Training for 2 years with selected players. Our research with decision making has shown really encouraging outcomes and player feedback has been extremely positive” 

Nick Abendanon – International Rugby Player


“I always see the largest improvements come with my high ball receiving. It’s become a vital area to control in the modern game and it’s essential to be safe under the high ball.”

Eddie Jones – England Rugby Head Coach


“Eyegym has been a significant part of my coaching programme at Japan and England. The ability to catch, pass support in small space and little time has been enhanced by the use of Eyegym. I recommend it very highly”

Mr Volsteedt – Headmaster Grey College


“EyeGym has significant potential to contribute to the academic success of students. It builds concentration skills and has also been proven to influence quantitative, verbal and spatial learning ability. At the same time, it also contributes to sport success. Our 1st cricket team received many compliments on their skills, awareness and vision.”

Jan Celliers – Primary School


Jan Celliers Primary School have been training in the EyeGym since 2018. Significant improvements have been shown in comprehension skills, concentration and focus providing significant Educational value. This Visual Intelligence Training has not only impacted the decision making skills of learners but also offered a competitive environment enjoyed by all. There is also great feedback from parents regarding the impact of EyeGym.

Justin Grundlingh – St Cyprian’s School Girls Hockey Coach


“It has been so amazing to see the girls reaction and decision making improve, but also their ability to eliminate unnecessary stimuli and make the best decision in each situation possible.”

Harrison Dessoy – Motorbike Racer


“To help me with my motorbike racing, I’ve decided to do EyeGym. I’ve noticed a huge difference with my vision such as being more aware and taking in more of my surroundings while on the bike which has benefited me significantly.”

Hennie de Klerk – Dakar Driver


“I can recommend EyeGym to any race driver, it improves your eye speed and endurance tremendously.”

Anton Ossip – CEO Discovery Insure


“Being alert and able to react quickly to unexpected situations while driving is critical to staying safe on the roads. Discovery Insure EyeGym drivers continue to have high driving scores, with low accident rates”

Greg James – Founder of JAG Foundation and CEO of Sagitta Group


“EyeGym has made me aware of the role that Visual Skills Training makes in the corporate world. I visually observe and make effective decisions based on this. The ability to concentrate is also a vital skill neglected by businesses and can be trained on EyeGym. This also impacts the productivity of employees and it made a difference in my ​mountain biking!”

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