Up your game.

EyeGym is online Visual Intelligence Training. Its for anyone that wants to enhance their skills at making faster, better decisions.

How EyeGym will work for you

Rapid Processing

Learn to process information quickly and ignore distractions.

Enhanced Retention

Daily drills train your eyes and brain to interpret and retain information.

Improved Recall

Improve your ability to recall patterns, numbers and names quickly.

Train for just 10 minutes a day

Daily training heightens memory, concentration and coordination.

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proven in field

Developed by leading sport scientist and performance coach Dr Sherylle Calder for the world’s top performing athletes and business leaders.

Success Stories

To date, thousands of elite athletes and business leaders have trusted EyeGym to improve their performance.

  • Kenny Stills Miami Dolphins NFL

    “EyeGym helped me take my game to the next level!”

  • Greg James Owner, Sagitta Group

    “EyeGym made me aware of the role that Visual Skills Training makes in the corporate world. I visually observe and make effective decisions based on this. ”

  • Eddie Jones England Rugby Coach

    “Hard work and good players make a champion coach, but EyeGym adds the X-factor. Diligence with it pays dividends – EyeGym is a winner.”

What others are saying

"Developing a Better Eye for the Game"

"The eyes can give you so much more crucial information..."

"These skills make the difference between success and failure..."

“It is about the ability to judge and respond in your peripheral"